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Halloween music

Oct 23, 2013 in Halloween


A couple of months ago Henrik found Alan Parsons Project’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination at a flea market, we didn’t really know what it was but a Poe record seemed cool. We listened to it once when he brought home but none of us found it very interesting for some reason. I guess it wasn’t exactly what we had expected and so we didn’t really listen too closely.

A while later I was watching Leviatán, a pretty crummy but fairly entertaining horror movie with my favourite Alice Cooper, and I thought I recognised the background music, which was really good. Me and Henrik were like, “isn’t this the music from that Alan Parsons record?”. We listened to the record again and loved it.

It’s a perfect Halloween record and I highly recommend it! It even has a cool illustrated booklet (as seen above). My favourite song is The Raven, but they’re all great.

Also, if you have Spotify, check out my Halloween playlist! If you have a Halloween playlist on Spotify I’d love to hear it. Or any other Halloween music recommendations!