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Feb 4, 2016


Myself, Liselotte Eriksson and Naomi Nowak are putting on an art show in Stockholm on March 18-20. The opening night is going to be a big party with live music and I hope to see you there!

More information can be found here.


Commissions on Etsy

Jan 5, 2016 in My art and illustration


You can now easily commission a drawing or painting for a fixed price straight from my Etsy shop! I think this will make things easier and more straightforward for most of my commission clients.

Of course you are still welcome to contact me directly about commissions that don’t fit into those categories, or if you just don’t like Etsy.


Halloween costume

Dec 16, 2015 in Halloween, Sewing and My photos


Better late than never so I finally edited some photos of my Halloween costume. I was an unseelie faerie queen in some sort of pseudo medieval style via the 60s.

I made everything myself as ususal, apart from the gloves which weren’t part of the original plan and just happened to match very well. The crown was simply made from cardboard, and the big braids are a pair of stuffed black tights.

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